Soran was born in Siem Reap, the former capital city of Angkor and is home to the magnificent temples and art. Beautiful design of the Angkor Wat and the Angkor Thom temple inspired him to become an artist.

He started studying the classical art of Shadow Puppetry , also know as Lakhon Seek Thom with the master artist Serey Rathana in 2008.

He started his professional carrier as an art director at the well known theatre “The Bamboo Stage” in Siem Reap.

He is now working on many projects to revive the classical art and tradition of Cambodia.

His dream it so put Cambodia art on the world stage.

Soran Was born in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the home of the ancient Cambodian capital of Angkor. The beautiful art and architecture of Angkor Wat and the surrounding Angkor Thom inspired Soran to become an artist.

Soran initially studied the art of classical painting and Khmer traditional shadow puppetry from master Nhek Serey Ratana for six years. He then further studied modern painting with Nin Vannak from the Royal University of Fine Arts for three more years. Soran began his professional career as an artist with Bambu Stage, where he directed a shadow puppet theater.

Soran is eager to build his knowledge and engagement with the broader art community, especially the rare art of “Sbek Thom”.

He was a studio director at Kbach Gallery in Phnom Penh, a master traditional leather puppet maker.  Soran has just been awarded the national award for traditional leather design .

His practice focuses on Khmer traditional shadow puppetry, such as the way that he uses the color from trees or traditional style, technique of creating, the way to make tools to create 

artwork, the way cleaning of the cow’s skins, and the way how carvings the puppets. The reason why I maintain this art form because it is very important to the Khmer heritage, in 

particular, the large shadow puppet shadow theater. It was enlisted as a World heritage in 2005.

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